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Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
We're in "win now" mode. I would expect our top draft choices to all be immediate starting and/or impact players. I don't see a CB or a WR as doing either this season. I think we're playing to win now. Thus, I don't see a WR or CB being drafted until late at best.

I do see a pass rushing specialist, MLB, and RB as all immediate contributors that could help us get to a Super Bowl. And possibly, a Strong Safety as well, though Adams did play well last season.

Elway was very candid when he said that he drafts for starters or high impact guys in the first three rounds, and then will explore depth later in the draft.

I can't imagine our top three selections not being RB, MLB, and DE or S, depending on how we feel about Freeney. And, in fact, those are our first 4 selections for me.

1. RB Eddie Lacy
2. LB Jon Bostic
3. S Shawn Williams
4. DE Eric Martin
Must be some good stuff you're on over there, bud.
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