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Jack Dolbin

Originally Posted by Dr. Broncenstein View Post
And just to prove my point, this rediculous statement gets national media coverage... but the trial of an accused serial murderer of full term infants being born alive and subsequently decapitated with scissors doesn't.
Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
Sorry,but apparently everybody has moved on or simply don't care as much as you do.
  • Clean room for whites, dirty rooms for poor and minorities. Peacepipe don't care
  • 15 year old restrained against her will and had abortion performed. Peacepipe don't care.
  • Infanticide. Baby's born alive and decapitated 20minutes later. Peacepipe don't care.
  • Untrained, unlicensed staff including a 15 year old administering anesthesia. Patients dieing under anesthesia. Peacepipe don't care.
  • Multiple complaints ignored while department of health looks the other way for decades. Peacepipe don't care.
  • Dieing babies screaming among the discarded parts. Peacepipe don't care
  • Clinic staff pleading guilty to murder. Peacepipe don't care.
  • Routinely doing abortions after state 24 week limit. Peacepipe don't care.

Love the bleeding heart liberal compassion.

You save the whales
You save the seals
You save whatever is cute and squeals
But kill the baby fresh from the womb
Would not want no baby boom.
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