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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by CBF1 View Post
So, A guy posted a youtube video from the local races last night and it has my brothers 67 Camaro racing a new Gen Camaro SS. After watching the video, I have lost all respect for the new generation Camaro.

For reference my bothers Camaro is running a 565 ci naturally aspirated motor.
I love 60's Camaros. Sounds like your brother's car is really cool. But it's not really an apples to apples comparison. A heavily modded 60's Camaro like that should crush an emissions compliant, street legal, daily driver new Camaro in the 1/4 mile. Even a new one.

You can make anything fast with money and power. I've seen guys do LS2 Vette engine swaps in Jeep Wranglers and supercharge the engine. One guy had a one that would run a 12 second quarter mile on 36" tires.
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