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Originally Posted by Dr. Broncenstein View Post
Trial started in March. Not a single mention of the story by NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, NPR, MSNBC, etc. Just one mention on CNN. Why is that? Why are there no demands for new regulations to protect innocent children, even if it saves one life? Why was there wall to wall coverage of the Rutgers basketball coach while this trial gets no coverage? Why is Jodi Arias trial a sensational story worth every network's daily attention but this isn't?
This is why I think the USA is doomed to the will of evil. It is revolting this is not head line news yet we are kept up on how Madona styles here pubic strip.

All main line news is controlled by just a few corporations and real news is shelved in favor of tabloid crap.

Anyone who thinks America is not deep into a takeover by an evil global force is asleep at the wheel.

If not that please enlighten me as to what the hell is happening.
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