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I grewup at the end of the 70's impressive Detroit muscle with 455 engines from three different manufactures and so on. Then came the late 70s and 80s where everyhting was detuned and sized down as in 305 being the only engine you could get in a Camaro for a while.

While I am still a Trans Am guy you gotta love 400-525hp stock with a 6 speed and killer brakes and suspension from the factory. Even in the 70s with killer hp ratings they weren't this high and had ****ty brakes and suspension and maybe a 4 speed.

Whats not to like............even I would not want to modify a new Camaro or Mustang except for the ugly looks of the

Had a 79 TA as a teen with the long front end and huge bird with shaker hood...........real looker in the day but it had 2.73 gears, auto and the OLDS 403 pathetic 185 hp.

But for the day it was adequate and it was a chick magnet.

These days I roll a 89 Pontiac Trans Am with gold wheels, leather, 350, t-tops, perfect condition with 9,000 miles.

Only 250hp but I keep convincing myself not to mod her with the low miles..............

Second TA is an 87 with the lowly 305 with 37,000 on it.

Its been modded just a bit.........with the TPI and 3.73 gears she is quick light to light.

Love to have the looks of yesterday with the power and suspension of today.

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