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Originally Posted by cmhargrove View Post
I would love to see Carradine as a Bronco, but nothing about his tape shows me he is worth a first round pick. He could be great, but it's just not there yet. I also don't like "big strong" guys that use bad form. He likes to fall into his tackles, rather than using his strength to drive through his tackles and I just don't get that. It will cost him (in missed tackles) when he is trying to bring down skill players in the NFL instead of sitting duck QB's. In a way,, it shows that he might be working too much on upper body "physique" rather than lower body explosiveness.

Great prospect, but I don't see the first round value.
Last yr when I mentioned I thought Denver liked Wolfe because he fit their mold. Althletic, hard worker, high motor, can play inside or out etc but he wasn't worth a first round pick either.

IMO Broncos probably have 2-3 guys they like in the first round but none of them make it to them. They will then trade back to some team that wants to take a QB bottom of round one and grab say a late 3rd or 4th round pick in the process. Then you can take a Carradine, or a Teo, or a RB etc without having to use the first round pick on them.

Or maybe Broncos move up. IMO the draft only seems to have about 20 players with true first round grades. Maybe 25. That puts Broncos out of the area and into trade down mode IMO.
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