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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Most all of the R&D funding to the military is an absolute joke. Why we felt the need to piss billions down our legs in the 1990s on the F-22 and associated aircraft when we already had **** tons more than other world powers was beyond me. Just dumb stuff.
What upsets me is how they will spend millions on something then not even use it or build it. They need to be more like NASA and do more with less.

I am all for a strong military but i think they need to cut the spending or at least freeze it. Start forcing these military higher ups to more carefully plan out what new equipment they need. It seems like they just change their minds too much.

One thing we don't talk much about is the new destoryer. The one that costs as much as 10 regular destoryers. it got killed under Bush, brought back i think under Obama. They ordered I think 4 of them. These things are bad ass but cost 1 billion a piece i heard. I am a friggin hawk but unless they really plan on fighting China or Russia im not sure we need it. Makes you sort of wonder who they plan on having to fight needing all these jets and expensive ships.
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