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So, in short, the "real" reason for the invasion (this time) was so that the USA could march in and place US businessmen or officials in charge of Iraq's oil in order to limit production to keep the price of oil high?

So what American is currently controlling Iraq's oil fields in order to accomplish this scheme?

And how have Bush and Cheney benefitted from this plan?

BTW, it doesn't appear to be working too well.

And what evidence is there that Iraq is capable of producing "six to 12 million barrels of oil a day"?

Much of the fault lies in mistakes made in the first year after the invasion, says Knights, most notably the de-Baathification and lack of security that led to an exodus of Iraq’s oil technocrats, many of whom were Sunnis who fled to places like Dubai and Jordan. That brain drain, rather than any physical damage to the oil fields, is the reason it has taken Iraqi oil production so long to recover. “One of the myths of 2003 was that the oil infrastructure was wrecked during the invasion,” says Knights, who saw first-hand the smashed up control rooms that were stripped down to bricks. “That was the easy stuff to replace,” he says.

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