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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
Here's the link to the Stanford site where the UV photo of Hale-Bopp was posted. Stanford credited the shot to SOHO/SWAN.

Stanford was wedded to the ice model. They claimed that Hale-Bopp outgassed water vapor and solar energy caused the water to breakup into Oxygen and Hydrogen gas.

Not likely since Hale-Bopp is a rock. But also because this cloud of hydrogen was 60 million miles across. That's 7 times the diameter of the sun.
This is neither surprising or problematic. Hale-Bopp is not a rock, it's a clump of various minerals bound, including a substantial amount of water ice. We've been over this ad naseum.

How to explain the Hydrogen?
Stanford (as well as a basic understanding of the physics involved) already does. It's not at all mysterious unless you're completely ignorant.

My take - this is not an outgassing, but a case of attraction: the solar wind -- hydrogen nuclei -- positively charged protons being attracted to a negatively charged comet nucleus.
Your take is worthless. You have no knowledge or credibility whatsoever.

In other words -- with this photo -- we are looking at hard evidence of an electromagnetic phenomenon at macro scale- - something that mainstream science says does not happen.
Again, your opinion is worthless as it's based on nothing more than fantasy.

No one has ever proved that comet tails are the result of outgassing.
:eyeroll: Yes it has been proven. Just because you refuse to accept the evidence in favor of your delusions doesn't mean it isn't there.

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