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Originally Posted by cmhargrove View Post
I'm going to agree on everything but the last sentence. I just picked up a new 2013 Mustang GT last weekend and the 420hp Coyote engine is the most powerful stock engine Mustang has ever produced (barring Shelby products). That car is extremely comfortable, yet I can easily light up the wheels through third gear (even with traction control on). The new Camaros drive heavy, but the new Mustangs are fun as hell.

I'm putting in a short throw shifter, new exhaust, and a ram air hood next week (and thus, the mods begin).
What color?

What exhaust you putting on? I added Flowmaster 2 chamber 40's, aggressive sound, not raspy.

Do NOT put a K&N airfilter, many dyno runs prove it looses horsepower.

And you're right, these things feel really powerful. Way more powerful than my supercharged 01, and even the 01 with twin turbo's on the low boost setting.

Good choice in cars!
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