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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
Nonsense. McCanney never said that.

As usual, Plait misunderstands what the model is about.
Plait understands exactly the claims of McCanney's model.

No matter how much you try to deflect, deny, lie, and obfuscate, McCanney's model simply cannot work. Period.

Originally Posted by mhgaffney
Being committed to a failed scientific model is like being trapped in a room with no doors or windows. There is no way to smoothly go from the obsolete model to the next one. You have to leap.
Throwing out all of science - physics, chemistry, astronomy, and so on - just so one can believe in McCanney's model is utter nonsense.

If McCanney's model cannot work with what we know and understand, then we don't pitch all that and start over from scratch. McCanney fixes his model.

He can start by trying to justify his "comets gain mass" view that doesn't result in the comet being completely vaporized in very short order.
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