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Peyton Hillis

Originally Posted by Denver Bronco56 View Post
They are newer thus have newer technology and gadgets...but all that also brings WEIGHT.

I have a 2002 SS Camaro 6 speed. I have a very mild cam and heads combo, full exhaust and gears in my rear end.

My brother has a 2012 Camaro SS 6 speed stock mind you, but unless i mis shift or cant catch traction he doesnt stand a chance on the highway or from a stop.

GM(and any car company) has started making their sports car more appealing to the public, instead of making good sports cars, the result is heavy cars. Also for ride comfort they have opted to go the independant rear suspension this causing any cars with power and rapid acceleration to gain wheel hop and trouble to gain traction. Many cobra owners i know have opted to replace their stock suspension to solid rear end found in the GT models.

for reference.

2012 camaro SS (Bone Stock)
Weight - 3860 lbs

2002 camaro SS (Fully Loaded)
Weight - 3310 lbs

The main thing is how you like the car, i want a SPORTS car to be that. If i wanted a luxary car i would buy days what were american muscle staples such as challenger, mustang, camaro are not anymore and you can feel it driving one.
I'm going to agree on everything but the last sentence. I just picked up a new 2013 Mustang GT last weekend and the 420hp Coyote engine is the most powerful stock engine Mustang has ever produced (barring Shelby products). That car is extremely comfortable, yet I can easily light up the wheels through third gear (even with traction control on). The new Camaros drive heavy, but the new Mustangs are fun as hell.

I'm putting in a short throw shifter, new exhaust, and a ram air hood next week (and thus, the mods begin).
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