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Hmm, quite true. SPOILER: ( I just have trouble with Varys believing that the best thing for the realm could have ever been any combination of Viserys and/or Dothraki.

I can see how he would be able to predict Viserys' demise by putting him with the Dothraki, but I don't think he could have predicted Drogo's demise or the eggs hatching, so I'm not sure what the motivation would be to give Dany the eggs.

Maybe it was just a throwaway, to convince Viserys/Dany that he and Illyrio were behind them. Maybe it was to make Viserys jealous of Dany, further ensuring his death. Maybe Illyrio did it without Varys' knowledge.
SPOILER: ( Drogo only seemed to play lip service to the notion of actually sailing over to Westeros until the assassination. Also, it seems like the Khal's come and go since they are always fighting each other. Of course the big hole in that is that Varys encouraged the assassination attempt, didn't he? )
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