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Peyton Hillis

Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Carradine has some nice power moves and a good first step. If he plays the run well also he would be an ideal 4-3 end. He does look a little stiff on tape like people say but he seems to have a lot of power. He needs to learn Jumpy Geathers forklift move. That was truly an awesome power move he had.
I would love to see Carradine as a Bronco, but nothing about his tape shows me he is worth a first round pick. He could be great, but it's just not there yet. I also don't like "big strong" guys that use bad form. He likes to fall into his tackles, rather than using his strength to drive through his tackles and I just don't get that. It will cost him (in missed tackles) when he is trying to bring down skill players in the NFL instead of sitting duck QB's. In a way,, it shows that he might be working too much on upper body "physique" rather than lower body explosiveness.

Great prospect, but I don't see the first round value.
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