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I'd rate all those guys over Smith, sure.

I took Smith in the OM mock draft so I'm not really that down on him. I just don't think he's a top 6 prospect. I don't think any QB is this year.
I think this draft has become a bizarre process where the QBs are being dragged through the mud, and at the same time the players at the top are escaping with extreme flaws. Every detail for the QBs is an issue, they are all inconsistent, but what about the other players?

Ansah is the DE version of Dontari Poe. All the athletic ability, but very raw and with low production in college. Charles Davis said some interesting things about Ansah, calling him overhyped. Body of work: 9 games as a starter. Was a backup last season until other players got hurt. Football was his last resort after he was cut from the basketball team twice. The guy came from Ghana; who knows how old he really is.

Ansah was a monster in the Senior Bowl game (hint: like Robert Ayers...) where there are no adjustments and there are a lot of breakdowns on assignments. During the week of practice, Ansah was nothing special, just average 1-on-1. And now he is a top 5 pick? Because of potential? Well, the QBs also have potential, especially the ones with strong arm and superior mobility.

Floyd has short arms for a DT, did not produce as a pass rusher. He is good, can create some pressure, but did not finish plays as a pass rusher. I did not see him dominate the line of scrimmage, he is not strong against double teams. Looks like a 4-3, 1-gap DT so he might not be that versatile. He played DE in 2011 but what did he accomplish there? 4.5 career sacks, 31 3/4" arms. Is this a top 5 pick? How?

Milliner is another questionable player being pushed to the top. He was not a starter in 2011, playing behind De'Quan Menzie. Became a starter in 2012 and deflected a lot of passes, but he lacks ball skills to create turnovers. In the top 5, teams should look for CBs that are playmakers with great coverage and also ball skills. He tries to make plays against the run but is inconsistent with his tackling. A good CB with size and speed, but he did not do enough to be a top 5 pick. Maybe the Alabama logo on his helmet is helping his stock.

These other players also have a lot of holes but the QBs - probably because of their importance combined with overreaction after the previous class - are the ones dealing with heavy, detailed criticism.
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