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Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
Good thing you didn't. Down to $72.00.

It's on a wild ride, halts in trading, meh not my cup of tea.

Maybe if it comes crashing down I'll buy some and forget about them for 20 years.
This site has it listed with a spread that makes no sense.

Last: $ 99.00000
Bid: $ 79.00000 Ask: $ 99.00000
Dark Bid: false Dark Ask: false
Monthly volume: 14,127.79153 BTC

Tradehill orders are executing normally. Other major Bitcoin exchanges are experiencing technical issues at the moment.
And also from the site, a bizarre pitch mean to reassure?

Tradehill shut down and returned client funds in January 2012 due to payments fraud and regulatory uncertainty in the US. Tradehill was the first institution in the Bitcoin market to hold millions of dollars in user funds and process full payouts. Every other Bitcoin company that achieved scale either lost money in a hack or went insolvent.
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