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Again, neither W*gs nor Plait understand what McCanney is saying. Let me attempt to explain why.

Check out this amazing 1997 UV photo (below) of Comet Hale-Bopp. At the center is the comet. But notice the surrounding cloud of hydrogen -- proton ions -- which was 60 million miles wide --

What is going on here?

This photo is hard evidence that the nucleus of Hale Bopp (hence all comets) was negatively charged.

The negatively charged comet nucleus has attracted the solar wind -- positively charged protons (hydrogen nuclei = positively charged proton ions)

This is proof that electromagnetism plays a powerful role in the solar system. W*gs denies this.

According to Plait, McCanney says the comet attracts the solar wind and gains mass. Nonsense. Yes, it attracts hydrogen but it cannot hold it. Hydrogen is the lightest element. Not even earth is massive enough to hold hydrogen -- which is constantly leaking from earth's atmosphere. Only the largest planets, Jupiter, Saturn etc., have enough gravity to hold hydrogen.

The mass gain in the comet nucleus happens in a different way -- which W*gs again does not understand.

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