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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
What's "hostile" about the facts I noted?

What's the "basic family unit"?
Funny that liberals are always accusing conservatives of being cave men, yet they admire communal living among cavemen.

If you don't know what a basic family unit is, God help you. I can only hope you're playing dumb, but since we've already seen how far left you are, you're probably serious and think the common meaning of it - which has existed for thousands of years - has no real meaning, which is quite typical of the left. Everything they want to deconstruct they try to deligitimize by pretending it never existed to begin with, by calling them "artificial constructs" and all other similar types of bull****. Once they have been labeled as "artificial constructs," then, people are expected to let it all go and go along with the social structure as defined by the left. It's all very cutesy.

Thus far, you're very textbook, comrade.
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