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Originally Posted by Doggcow View Post
Seattle fans only cared about the Sonics after the Sonics left.
Actually they didn't care much then either ... but that takes some explaining: Yes, describing the city's reaction to the move as "ho hum" would be over-dramatizing. But the apathy had nothing to do with the quality or loyalty of fans. After all, the Seahawks, Mariners and especially Sounders enjoy immense support (Sounders support is kinda scary actually*). The ho-hum reaction was merely acceptance of the inevitable. Everybody knew Key Arena had slipped over the years, and was dead last in revenue generation. Sad they bolt just as Durant joins the franchise, but the situation was unworkable.

It was fascinating watching the fans here during last year's Finals. Obviously most all of them supported the Thunder, but they took great pains to suppress that support

Looks like April 18 is the decision day for the Kings ... stay tuned.


* The Seattle Sounders set new MLS attendance records in each of their three seasons ... led the league with 43,000 fans per game in 2012. Second best was Los Angeles with 23,000. That's right, 43,000 to 23,000. Go figure. Explanations vary, but demographics are NOT why, King County is just 6% Latino (6% Black, 13% Asian, 74% whitey).
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