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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Many, if not most, school districts across the United States have overwhelming Christian majorities. Let them do what they will? Is that what Democracy requires?
A majority also want more school funding, including higher education, better paid teachers, etc. A majority believe the US government caters to special interests rather than the people. A majority believe the US should guarantee healthcare for everyone. A vast majority believe there's too much income inequality. (Last I checked, neither party supported these majority opinions.)

If you're still scared that the tyrannical majority will force all students to hate science and worship Allah, try social democracy.

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Who is claiming special interests have the welfare of the American people? They don't. They care about their special interest. That's why they're special interest groups. Every group does this. Labor doesn't care if their industry is obsolete or if the country would be better if their factory closed. Pharm companies want to make money and charge a lot. Abortion activitists want their moral views forced on everyone else. Their whole existence is to champion small causes - regardless of the ethics.

I would argue you need special interest groups or you have majority tyranny.
I can't decide if you're Gordon Gekko or a Randroid.

Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
BS. Majority tyranny!? You know what other word means majority tyranny? DEMOCRACY.

Exactly. Democracy is a fascist's biggest fear. This isn't hyperbole - all the right-wing heroes (Friedman, Mises, Rand, etc.) have spoken out against democracy, feel free to google.

To bring this discussion back on topic, this is why Margaret Thatcher supported fascist dictators, and why the US not only supports them, but slaughters citizens of publicly elected democracies.

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