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Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
See, I would say Lysa crapped on him as well.

SPOILER: ( She didn't stand up to her father about marrying him, and she allowed them to abort his son. She could have eloped if Peter meant anything to her. I'm positive he hates her for her weakness as much as those that forced her to toe the family line. )

As for Varys, I agree. It's hard for me to believe such a complex character would only want something as simple as a quality ruler on the throne. There must be more to it yet unrevealed.

SPOILER: ( There's a pretty popular theory that Varys, himself, is a Targ and its one of the reasons he keeps his head shaved. And of course theres a great one about Tyrion being the result of the Mad King raping Tywin's wife. )
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