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BS. Majority tyranny!? You know what other word means majority tyranny? DEMOCRACY.
Let me switch contexts for you.

Amidst the growing excitement these days about democracy breaking out all over the world, one might be tempted to call for greater respect for "the will of the people" right here at home. New polling by Rasmussen indicates that 65% of Americans favor prayer in our nation's public schools. So why not give the people what they want?

The argument that whatever the majority wants, it should get, is a dangerous and misguided understanding of democracy -- one which quickly leads to an ugly state of affairs in which the rights and dignity of minorities is readily ignored. Tocqueville called this phenomenon "tyranny of the majority", but whatever it is called, it is a real problem when we fail to recall that terms like "will of the people" refer to both a collective people and also to all of the individuals who make up that collective.
Many, if not most, school districts across the United States have overwhelming Christian majorities. Let them do what they will? Is that what Democracy requires?
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