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I agree. That's what freedom of speech is all about. Let them speak. But that's a whole different thing from energy companies (for just one example) writing the legislation and handing to their reps in congress who pass it without even reading it in exchange for a fat campaign contribution. What we have now is tyranny of the special interests, like TR said, twisting "...the methods of free government into machinery for defeating the popular will."
I really think part of what needs to happen is that government needs to slow down and start dealing with major issues one at a time. More than half of what goes into those bills wouldn't pass on their own accord. But lube it up and shove whatever you want into a byzantine "energy bill" or "defense bill" and as long as each politician gets some chunk they can take home to brag about, they're all good with just about anything that's put in there.

You can talk about sunlight and influence all day. But the government does this intentionally to keep real issues from ever even being discussed.
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