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Who is claiming special interests have the welfare of the American people? They don't. They care about their special interest. That's why they're special interest groups. Every group does this. Labor doesn't care if their industry is obsolete or if the country would be better if their factory closed. Pharm companies want to make money and charge a lot. Abortion activitists want their moral views forced on everyone else. Their whole existence is to champion small causes - regardless of the ethics.

I would argue you need special interest groups or you have majority tyranny.
The truth is they believe that just because they elect someone he/she's automagically going to defy human nature and start representing only the collective interest over their own personal ambition. What they fail to see is that 99% of the time, winning that election is just the first step towards fulfilling a personal ambition in the first place. Everyone has a 'special interest.' Even us. Even the people we elect.

Government has to balance those interests. Not suppress them. That's why the founders saw separation of powers as so important. Unfortunately we keep tearing those separations down in the name of collective will, and it all ultimately works against us. We need forgiveness for we know not what we do.
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