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Good to see the ignorant, right wing troll brigade over reacting and misrepresenting! It's just what y'all do oh-so-well!

Some good reader reaction to this over at The Dish. Here's one of the better ones. Good to see some reasoned responses showing a bit of thoughtfulness and perspective.

I saw the criticisms of this video making the rounds on my conservative in-lawsí facebook pages, and their angry rants about how no else can make decisions about their children, a more vitriolic version of Friedersdorfís comments. Their interpretation of Harris-Perryís video is entirely misguided. She is not saying that anyone has a LEGAL interest in your kids.

Look, none of us want your kids, okay? None of us want to take them away from you, or force you to make certain decisions. She is saying that we all need to think of children as a collective asset of our society. I donít want your kids, but I do want your kids to grow up educated, productive, and thoughtful members of society. Thatís good for me, for my kids, and everyone else. Thatís why we need to vote to fund schools, to keep funding for school lunches and other programs that benefit less well-off kids, not mention public preschools and all-day kindergartens, programs that are proven effective.

My in-laws would probably vote to cut funding for public education because their kids donít go to public schools, and anyway they think the curriculum is extremely suspect because it doesnít involve enough Christian(ist!) values. They think that raising their kids is a private endeavor, and increasingly try to do it away from society. This intensely private mindset is what Harris-Perry is railing against. Society has an interest in the welfare of our kids, and we should continue to try to support them as best we can. Itís called a civilization. Everybody should try it.
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