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Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
It's all about being a joke when he was young. He lost his love in embarassing, ass-whoopin' style. People crapped on him because he was a nobody with nothing, and thus viewed him as somebody never to be worth a crap.

He's an angry and bitter man out to screw everyone and everything in his internalized rage.
I WOULD agree to this, but Lysa never crapped on him and well... look how that worked out.

Littlefingers ambitions and end game are still very murky water. Varys' not nearly as much, though there's still quite a bit that confuses me about his work: SPOILER: ( If Varys is trying to keep Westeros destabilized for Dany or Aegon--depending on whichever "dragon" you think he's backing--as evidenced by killing Kevan Lannister, why is one of his veryyyyyyy few genuine moments when he's trying to convince Ned to take the black and keep Westeros in tact? Only think that currently makes sense without accounting for inconsistency is that he just learned that from that moment and now is trying to place the RIGHT person on it )

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