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I like Moore better than Carradine, he is more fluid and has better leverage but his athletic ability is very limited and I think that will compromise him as a player - he looks 100% like a pass rush specialist and not an every down player. Carradine plays very tall and rigid, his leverage is really bad and he tends to make his plays on the 2nd effort after he has been blocked initially, that is not going to be nearly as easy against NFL left tackles who tend to be much quicker than the average left tackle in college.

There are some pretty serious doubts about Moore's motivation and drive, he is rumored to be lazy and not putting in the time in the weight room, the practice field or the video room. I do think Von Miller may be the single best person to have on the team to show Moore how to do things, there is no doubt that Moore looked up to Miller at Texas A&M and I think Miller could push Moore to be his best.
Playing football is not about the weight room, it is not about running 40 yards on a track. It's about production on the field against some of the best teams in the country. Moore isn't strong, maybe he looks lazy because the game just comes easier to him. Sometimes its about knowing how to play. Playing with balance, determination, leverage, technique. He can get stronger if the problem is he is weak, haha that is the easiest thing to fix. Bring him to Denver with Miller and watch the pass rush.

He was a top ten pick before the combine. That means his production on the field is equal to a top ten player. I'll take on field performance over workout performance any day, especially if sitting at #28.

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