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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Can we remove a freedom just because we don't like the result? Depends on who you ask, but some would argue their ability to hire someone to represent their best interests is protected in the constitution. I had a buddy say he wanted "ALL" special interests gones from Washington. I asked why and of course he cited corporations. I then asked him if he'd be ok with all the others losing their voices as well: unions, civil rights groups, scientists who specialize in areas that the public at large doesn't care and/or is not educated about enough to form a good opinion on. Not all special interests are bad. Many aren't bad or good, but necessary because they represent an industry or aspect about our society that requires some expertise, and while not controversial, is important to society and must be factored into codefied law.

How many average citizens even care about each individual issue in our government? Do we as citizens take ownership of the consequences of ALL these things?
There's a difference between representing your case and buying votes.
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