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As even your own little link spells out, the HMO was not created or mandated by that bill, it was only "encouraged" by that bill, most likely because and HMO suits corporate interests (i.e. controlling costs and increasing profits) rather than patient interests.
Nice try, but the HMO concept was basically dead when the federal government resurrected it.

Health experts credit the act for spurring the formation of hundreds of HMOs that eventually would cover nearly 60 million Americans. But most of that growth did not occur for well over a decade after the HMO Act was passed.

In the early 1970s, fewer than 4 million Americans were enrolled in nearly 40 prepaid health plans, most of which were operating in California. By 1980, about 9 million Americans were in HMOs. By 1990, that number more than quadrupled to 37 million.
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