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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
TD was a very special back but also we had a great blocking team. TD was over 100 yards before half-time in quite a few games. It was indeed a dominant run team. I'm sure Elway remembers that. He remembers how good he was but then how it wasn't quite good enough on it's own to win it all. There had to be that great run game. I fully expect the Broncos to select 2 RB's in this draft and I imagine one of them will be a top 3 pick.
It makes you think Zona that its smarter to keep building the oline rather then worrying about say for instance middle linebacker.

If we drafted a starting center or another guard like Warford or Fluker we could have a dominant line at some point. A line that just pushes people around and protects Manning. We do that and Manning can play until he's 40 maybe. Also though our secondary is close to being really good IMO. Another CB like Trufant could make us very tough to pass on and let us match up great with TE. We could let safetys and linebackers double TE and let 2 CB play man to man outside.

Just seems IMO that oline is the area this draft presents a bunch of good physical players.
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