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Mock that has Moore falling to us.

Seems pretty unlikely to me, but I'd be pretty stoked with Damonte at 28.
that would make von miller happy

Look at this blurb from

Hand usage should improve with time, will allow better tackles to get their punch inside at times to knock him back a bit. Can play high, failing to anchor and getting knocked aside or to the ground by stronger linemen, especially when moving laterally. Still learning to use his flexibility to turn the corner consistently, and needs to use his spin move (and keep his balance during it) to prevent getting taken outside the pocket too often. More of a coordinated and fluid athlete than a downright explosive one. Doesn’t like to hold his ground and set the edge on runs at him, preferring to run himself upfield or dance around the block. A lot of his production and success came from slanting inside, is he a consistent edge threat? Lacks athletic upside.
NFL Comparison
Robert Ayers

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