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Originally Posted by baja View Post
Remember I was the one that told you to buy bitcoin. Now I'm telling you to sell because it is being speculated up. When this ballon pops it will be heard around the world. It will probably go up for a while but when it crashes it will do so in free fall style. After it crashes buy all you can... baja
I remember well. It was like 11 days ago.

I tried to buy some at $90. Couldn't get in as I watched go up to $140. I got in when it came down to $126, but I haven't been able to get anymore with the huge demand.

It already has "crashed" a few times. I didn't know about bitcoin when it reached $1. I read that nobody could believe 1 bitcoin actually reached parity with $1 of "real money" in February 2011. They were saying it was huge bubble then. The truth is nobody knows where the top is.

I wonder when 1 bitcoin surpasses 1 oz. of gold? Any predictions?

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