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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
Robert Ayers was a 23 year old Senior, and didn't even put up any numbers in college until he was older than everyone else. Damontre Moore dominated as a 19 and 20 year old.
THIS! They did a study in Canada, and found that grade school hockey players who were older than others in their same school grade, were overwhelmingly more likely to excel on the ice, to be named captain, to progress to the professional ranks. Even just 4 months made a big difference. The distinction is greater when you're 11-14 than 19-23, but the principle remains.

Corollary is when college players for whatever reason move up to stronger competition while in college. Draft evaluations are so much about whether a guy can lift his game to the next level (Jim Goodman is the expert), that guys who raise their games while in school impress me most. JUCO guys of course, but also QBs Russell Wilson and Geno Smith. Both moved up to more competitive conferences their senior years (Wilson ACC to Big 10, Smith Big East to Big XII), and both put up far better numbers in the new conference.
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