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Originally Posted by broncoblue View Post
Awful ,evil, working class hating b****.I never speak ill of the dead but she made the rich richer the poor poorer . She killed steel ,coal and the working class people. Awful awful evil person.
#1 in the charts in uk is now "ding dong the witch is dead" ,this speaks volumes. As for her funeral costing 8 million to 10 million pounds ,i say put her on raft and set fire to her on the thames .You couldnt use coal tho ,we have none . Iron Lady RIP ..rust in pee.
I don't get it. You are kidding yourself if you think that steel and coal production in England is viable compared to other countries. I think all this angst and hate for Thatcher is because she addressed some real problems in England and her solutions weren't about being popular but more about keeping the economy affloat.

Sorry blue, but your hate is something I refuse to understand.
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