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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by Chris View Post
Pretty sure I have largely Jewish ancestry on my mom's side but it gets confusing (Spain, the inquisition and all that). You don't have to be Jewish to remember arguably the worst period in human history.

I'm in Berlin now where reminders are strong. Perhaps it's appropriate that last night I tripped on two metal stubs popping out of the ground in front of an ordinary building. I look and see the names of two people that were deported and killed in the holocaust. The trilling is deliberate. It's a reminder. I liked that.

RIP to the millions - jews, gays, gypsies, mentally handicapped, political opponents and others.
You forgot blacks, racist.

(not srs)

I view this solemn day in history as a reminder that genocide isn't over... In 2013. That's completely unacceptable.
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