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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
And they can all participate in the political process - AS INDIVIDUALS. After all, that's the foundational difference of America's take on liberty and what separates us from what came before - liberty is defined as the sacred territory of the individual.

As far as the SCOTUS goes, read these:

Dred Scott v Sandford
Plessy v Ferguson
Buck v Bell
Korematsu v US
Bush v Gore

They are far from perfect. BTW, the original court finding of corporate "personhood" in Santa Clara County v Southern Pacific Railroad didn't even exist. The court didn't deal with the issue of personhood in the case. A court clerk made an error in the headnote.

It's really odd that we would want to give corporations personhood, anyway. After all, corporations were invented to shield individuals from legal responsibility for their actions.

I've seen a whole lot of corporations in my time. They look like this:
The point is, you have failed to address my post - corporations are free associations of people, a right preserved in the 1st A.
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