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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
Mostly because he is slower than what we need and because he would be a target - he said himself that the stress caused him to underperform at the combine, imagine what happens when the stress is 60 guys in his own dressing room making him the butt of every joke during TC and in week 1 when all 50 players on the other team plus how ever many 1000 fans will taunting him, how is he going to deal with that? This is a guy who needs to be a leader on the team and if he can't handle the stress when nobody is picking on him imagine how he could crumble when **** gets real?

I am not sure throwing a 1st round pick at a guy who comes with a very real and tangible risk of folding like a piece of origami is the way to go.
what if Broncos traded into top of 2nd like they did with Wolfe and still got him? Then you would be ok with it?
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