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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
The First Amendment is very clear. What about "no", as in "Congress shall make no law", isn't obvious? But things like kiddie porn, libel, slander, noise ordinances, and so on, violate that "no", do they not?

The First is neither absolute nor unlimited.

Neither is the Second.

All of our democratic institutions - the three branches of our federal government, our state governments, and our duties and responsibilities as citizens are what protect our rights.

What makes you believe that all the above are so weak, so ineffectual, such shams, that your popguns are what really matters?

Why do you hate our 200+ years of ever-growing ever-better democracy so much, that you think it's on the brink of collapse?

Define "responsible person". Was Nancy Lanza "responsible"?

errand is in a bunker somewhere waiting for the government takeover.............wackjob

RI is about to pass gun control measures tomorrow......the fifth to move forward on these issues.............the right's pitifully excuses for being against common sense gun safety is NOT WORKING.

Eat IT
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