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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
Where in the Constitution does it say we're not allowed to create/distribute kiddie porn? "Congress shall make no law" is clear and final.

I want one of these:

It doesn't.....although like the favorite liberal argument for regulating guns like the AR-15, I'm sure kiddie porn wasn't around when the 1st amendment was written, right?

But are you seriously trying to say lawful gun ownership by responsible adults = creating/distributing/watching kiddie porn?

I don't watch/create, or distribute kiddie porn, I would suggest you stop if you's illegal and down right creepy dude.

You do realize that the 2nd amendment is what defends the rest of them right?

as for wanting a SADM....a nuke in the hands of a responsible sane person is safe, as I've stated, my gun has killed fewer people than Ted Kennedy's car...Now put one in the hands of a murderous thug or a clown like you who doesn't know **** about a gun, let alone a nuke? Not so much....
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