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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
Not that you had any credibility, but whatever credibility you did have you lost. You're ****ing retarded.

Yeah, I'm just some nut job right? It could never happen in 2013 or later, despite history saying it happened a mere 67 years ago in this very nation.

the Battle of Athens (McMinn Co., TN)
The GIs came home to find that a political machine had taken over their Tennessee county. What they did about it astounded the nation.

Battle of Athens
Date August 12, 1946
Location Athens, Tennessee, United States

Local World War II veterans and other citizens vs. McMinn County Sheriff's Department

Dozens of men armed with 3 M1 Garand rifles, 5 M1911 pistols, 24 M1917 Enfield rifles and a few sticks of Dynamite versus 100+ deputies armed with 1 Thompson sub-machine gun (an actual assault weapon for you clown liberals) and their standard Issued pistols

McMinn County government forced to disband, replaced by new government
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