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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
This is true but it's not always the case.
For me it was true.

Certain disciplines such as sociology and anthropology are riddled with left-wing philosophies in their origins.
It would depend on what theorist you are going after. Didn't care for sociology, but ANTH was my secondary major and loved every bit of it. Mostly the biological/evolutionary stuff because I go to work with Egyptian remains and bog mummies. Fun stuff.

Marx was a founder of the discipline of sociology and all too often the use of Marxist class conflict theory is seen in their work, especially in the field of critical theory which has its origins heavily in Marxist thought.
One of the founders, but differed greatly from his peers. A more objective look would come from Comte, Durkheim, Spencer, etc.

Some universities give degrees in "activist anthropology" which itself should ring alarm bells. This stuff goes on all too often, and unfortunately those who engage in it get away with it in the name of "academic freedom." My former English professor from hell is still at her job doing the same old crap in spite of complaints from myself and others.
Which would be more of an area of emphasis within the degree, rather than one of its major sub-fields. It would fall under the cultural sub-field. Not that there is anything wrong with that. There aren't many places that offer a "degree" for Activist Anthropology. More in line studies associated in the cultural realm that deal with engagement in social issues and stress a lot of works regarding Franz Boas.

I'm for people going after whatever they enjoy. As long as people can make use of what they learned and connect the dots afterwards, it should be all good. I liked POLS and ANTH a lot and have found them to be great stepping stones for what I have done in and after school. Probably should have went COMP SCI if I wanted to make the gig $, but I have enough technical skills and expertise in that area where I didn't need a degree to demonstrate my abilities in that realm.

Good times, good times.
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