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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
Very weak regulations if that's where you want go. We do need stronger regulations. If an terrorist or criminal can simply buy a gun at a gun show without a BG check,then there is obviously guns need to be better regulated.
BTW,you don't need a semiautomatic to hunt.
Who's talking about caliber?

Fast and furious breaks it off in your ass......

the same idiots who want to restrict or stop me from the ability acquire certain weapons, magazines and want me to go thru yet even more checks and balances allowed murderous criminals to acquire them and then kept doing so despite knowing that those very weapons they allowed said criminals to acquire killed law enforcement officers.

The 2nd amendment isn't about's about our right to defend ourselves from anyone that would do us harm, be it a typical thug, a murderous cartel of drug smugglers or the very government that provided AR-15's to them.
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