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You snapping photographs of the theater Holmes decided to go Papadopoulos in doesn't mean anything other than you have way too much time on your hands to try and change the minds of people online who obviously DGAF. Pretty sure I saw enough of what Fed, Houghtam and others had to say regarding your pictures, etc. to come to the conclusion that what you posted probably shouldn't be taken seriously.
My pictures were as true to life as possible as I explained and I was trashed for making that effort. Apparently I should have left the camera at default which meant very dark indoor pictures that bear zero resemblance to what the naked eye could see.

It doesn't take genius to understand that even a single ccw holder could have drastically changed things that night, and that's the bottom line.

Would have depended on the book. It wasn't as if the professors were somehow secretly conspiring to promote a liberal agenda in their classroom. Out of all the POLS professors I had, I can think of ONE liberal and that was based on conversations with him during advising hours or when I was shooting the **** inbetween private research and projects for the department. A mark of a good professor is not allowing personal bias to come in to the way they approach their discipline. Politics may certainly have bias, but learning about issues involved in the process doesn't have to be part of a grand orchestrated scheme.
This is true but it's not always the case. Certain disciplines such as sociology and anthropology are riddled with left-wing philosophies in their origins. Marx was a founder of the discipline of sociology and all too often the use of Marxist class conflict theory is seen in their work, especially in the field of critical theory which has its origins heavily in Marxist thought. Some universities give degrees in "activist anthropology" which itself should ring alarm bells. This stuff goes on all too often, and unfortunately those who engage in it get away with it in the name of "academic freedom." My former English professor from hell is still at her job doing the same old crap in spite of complaints from myself and others.
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