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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
Good. Convince your fellow gun owners (including nyuk) to act the same way. Perhaps we can cut down on the ~100,000 injuries and deaths we suffer from your fellow gun-owners. many of those deaths or injuries are due to suicides or attempts at suicide? If you're so concerned about saving lives, then you should be pushing for a ban of the wheel, or automobiles as many more people die in auto accidents than by gun.

How confident are you that had you been in the theater once Holmes came in and started shooting, you would have been able to stop him with a clean shot? Scale 0 to 10 - 0 meaning you wouldn't have shot because it was too dark, too smoky, and too many people moving around, or 10, capped him with a clean head shot with your first round? Then explain your value.

I've already stated how confident that I am that I could have saved many lives (if not everyone in the theater) had I been there in this thread and another. Feel free to go back and read my posts. My confidence level is always high because I take my training as seriously as I did when I was a recon Marine.

The only big advantage he had was being the only guy who had a gun inside the theater. And like I said earlier, even if my response to his aggression was an exercise in futility, how many people would have been able escape with their lives if he was firing at me instead of them?

Given that the requirements for a CCW are laughable, I suspect more casualties would have been the result if some yahoo started firing away as Holmes was shooting.

Perhaps, but your confidence that is how it would have ended up is no stronger than my confidence that I could have taken him out pretty quickly......Keep in mind he tossed the gas grenade first (every Marine, current or former knows what a CS grenade sounds like) before firing a shot into the ceiling

Listen to the sound of the grenade tossed at these Marines and then count how many seconds it took before the chemicals came out of the grenade in vast quantities...plenty of time to take Holmes out.

And yeah, I've seen the video. How well do you think it would translate to the Aurora shooting?

Watch the video again....those two clowns came in and never once gave a thought to someone else having a gun......the old man made sure of his target and fired, had he been in one of the seats near Holmes, he would have taken him out almost instantly.....and like I stated, one well aimed shot is deadly, as this video shows -

in bold with the videos

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