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Very weak regulations if that's where you want go. We do need stronger regulations. If an terrorist or criminal can simply buy a gun at a gun show without a BG check,then there is obviously guns need to be better regulated.
BTW,you don't need a semiautomatic to hunt.
Who's talking about caliber?
Very, very few guns at gun shows are sold without checks. The gun show loophole nonsense is 99% canard. If you think guns are "weakly regulated," you've never bought a gun.

Again, why fixate on a type of gun used in less than 1% of gun homicides? To feel better? Guns of less than 8" in length are already used in the vast majority of gun homicides, including mass shootings.

Semiauto rifles have much less recoil than shotguns, thus making them better for home defense use for women and older people. Besides, shotguns are used in more murders than all rifles combined.

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