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all @ same time

Originally Posted by StugotsIII View Post
Please….go live there...
No thanks, I'll continue to advocate, donate & protest until we get it here.

Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Nice. Attack the source, then follow up with more meaningless crap.

What's funny is that in their refutation they list "GDP per capita" as the most important statistic, something we've already discussed in this thread

Anyway, I'm not convinced, and the OECD isn't convinced. That's why they continue to use Life Expectancy as a measure of healthcare effectiveness.

Recent OECD analysis suggests that health care spending growth has contributed to the improvement in life expectancy, but other determinants such as rising living standards, environmental improvements, lifestyle changes and education are also important drivers. Taken together, these explain much of the cross-country differences in life expectancy, as well as changes over time. Further progress in population health status and life expectancy can be achieved by putting greater emphasis on public health and disease prevention especially among disadvantaged groups, and improving the quality and performance of health care systems.
But I can see why you'd try to move the goal posts.

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