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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
In America? Absolutely. Is there a Malaria outbreak in the US? How many people do you know who get Malaria? Most of the outbreaks are on another continent. And only few a die each year. Not that those deaths aren't sad, but we're talking about first world versus third world. The US averages around 1500 malaria infections a year, most infected overseas, and zero die. Conversely, baldness affects 49 million Americans.

The US spends $1 Billion on baldness every year, though a good deal of that is on temporary fixes (wigs, spray on, etc.) I don't know how much is spent on malaria, but it's probably not much. But then we don't spend a lot of the black plague, leprosy or small pox. Why? Because they aren't a problem.

On the flip side, the 5 top killers in America are 1. Heart disease. 2. Cancer. 3. Chronic Respiratory disease. 4. Stroke and 5. Accidents. The US spends around 80 Billion on heart disease alone. Even more is spent on Cancer (it was harder for me to find exact numbers because they are broken down by the type but just lung, brain and blood cancer beat heart disease.)

So this kind of comment that makes socialists like you feel like it shows how broken capitalism is doesn't work when you really get down to it. I'm not going to sit here and say capitalism makes for perfect health care, but really, you can do better.

And personally if someone wants to shell out money for hair plugs, more power to them.
Tell me more about capitalism and health care.

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