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first you use the argument that knives kill more people than guns,then you say that both guns and knives cause flesh you're saying that knives are more lethal than can't ban everything that kills people,guns are designed to kill,cars are not, most knives are not.
I'm saying if you're going to ban things that cause ouchies, then at least get the order of things deserving bans and/or regulation in order. Rifles and such are near the bottom of the list.

Guns are designed to do many things and certain liberals insist on ignoring that and harping on one aspect, and that one aspect is abused in rare instances. Even then, most of the guns that are misused and used to murder people aren't even rifles - they're regular handguns that nobody is trying to ban.

So what's the point behind all this besides emotion and possibly covert piecemeal gun confiscation?
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