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Yes, and corporations will make the call on who controls them regardless. Government on the other and,has this little thing called voting,you can vote for whoever you choose regardless of whether they belong to certain party or not. Yes,there are two major parties but there are Senators who have been elected that didn't belong to either party when elected.
Like that matters. Let me know as soon as one gets elected that decides not to caucus with a party once he gets there. It's not how the dude titles himself that matters. It's who and what he votes for when he gets there.

And on another level, at least when I'm voting with my dollar on oil companies, I'm choosing between 4 or 5 companies that know a little something about the business.

But when I vote for my political leaders, I'm voting for a (likely ne'er employed-in-the-real-world) trial lawyer's perspective on how to produce energy. Or deliver health care. Or command the economy.

In all cases, it's about the least intelligent way you could ever imagine to solve most kinds of problems. Our government has its hands in far too many cookie jars.
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