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yep, knives are cheaper too. the problem with your argument is that guns cause more damage than knives. if the guy at that community college had one of your beloved guns, there would have been casualties, lots of them. Oh wait, you have a solution right? Let's arm all the students at the community college, while were at it lets arm everyone at malls, schools, churches. hell, guns for everyone! yeehaw!!
My first thought about the knifing incident was does Texas allow college campus conceal carry. A psycho tried a mass knifing in Utah recently and a CCW carrier put a stop to it almost immediately.

Guns and knives both cause flesh wounds, bleeding, and death. Further, knives can be bought by anyone and there no regulations on how sharp they're allowed to be.

How about we at least demand weak butterknife-sharp stuff like they have in restaurants, hospitals, and schools?

Unfortunate but yet again clearly the objection is about the gun itself and not the deaths. Other things kill more people yet all I hear is crickets. That's really all I have to know.
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